Legatia X6 7.1-inch Wide-Bandwidth Midrange


The Legatia X6 is a 181mm (7.1-inch) wide-bandwidth midbass/midrange driver to complement both two-way and three-way system designs, where a point-source midrange and/or dedicated midbass driver is required.



The Legatia X6 is the ideal multi-purpose super high-end speaker driver. Mechanical and electrical parameters are amenable to a variety of different installations and speaker locations. This driver is intended to be used in an infinite baffle configuration.


Available with carbon fiber or paper cones, as well as the inclusion of a dust cap or extended phase plug pole piece.


Driver specifications are available by following this link.


The Legatia X-series component speakers are electrodynamic drivers that are comprised of a diaphragm (cone, or in the case of the Legatia X1, a fine fabric diaphragm and ring) that is set in motion by a motor system that has both electrical and mechanical components.


The X-series midrange designs boast several key elements which enhance the driver’s performance between the Legatia SE-series speakers and the Legatia X-series speakers:


  • ❍ Hand-matched close tolerance sets with certificate of authenticity and a print-out of individual speaker parameters;
  • ❍ More authoritative upper-range frequency response ability (wider bandwidth operation), especially off-axis: six full octaves of information;
  • ❍ Lower inductance;
  • ❍ Slightly higher resonance frequencies across all models for more transparent and tonally accurate low to middle midrange playback ability;
  • ❍ Higher thermal power handling by AES standard;
  • ❍ Higher thermal power handling with suggested crossover;
  • ❍ Lower moving mass for better transient response;
  • ❍ Typically higher compliance of motor system;
  • ❍ Shallower mounting depth than a comparable Legatia SE model;
  • ❍ Use of proprietary frames with embossed Hybrid Audio Technologies “cross” logos on the inverse side of the mounting flange, to ensure that the Legatia X speakers are the genuine article, and not a forgery or copy;
  • ❍ A decidedly bespoke approach to cone topology and dust cap/extended phase plug pole piece topology, where the end-user can decide between hybrid pressed paper diaphragms and carbon fiber diaphragms, as well as the use of dust caps or extended phase plug pole pieces in both the X3 midrange and the X6 midrange/midbass;
  • ❍ Use of a proprietary “double S” fine fabric surround to radically improve linear excursion, restorative force, and damping of edge mode distortion;
  • ❍ Significantly more open spider venting for improved thermal power handling and improved motor cooling;
  • ❍ Inclusion of voice coil former venting holes, again instrumental in venting for improved thermal power handling and improved motor cooling;
  • ❍ Inclusion of an enhanced single-dip phenolic spider for enhanced linear excursion, more than double of that of the Legatia SE midrange and midbass;
  • ❍ Inclusion of nickel-plated, spring-loaded binding post terminals for enhanced connectivity, separated by a greater degree than the Legatia SE to ensure less accidental short-circuits, and loosening of the binding posts due to mechanical vehicle vibration;
  • ❍ Inclusion of high-energy opposing double-stacked neodymium cup and motor for increased motor performance and smaller diameter motor;
  • ❍ Inclusion of aluminum radiator for heat dissipation and increased thermal power handling;
  • ❍ Inclusion of gold-tinted copper-plated aluminum extended phase plug pole piece;
  • ❍ Inclusion of laser-etched back plate cap with Hybrid Audio Technologies logo and Legatia X nomenclature; and
  • ❍ Inclusion of a wooden gift box.



The basket of the X6 is complementary in dimension to the Legatia L6SE, Legatia L6V2, and Legatia L6, for easy upgrade potential; the X6, L6SE, L6V2, and L6 are interchangeable in mounting topology, with the exception of screw hole diameter and the number of screw holes (the X6 having a slightly different screw hole diameter and six mounting screws instead of four). The basket is a proprietarily-tooled high-quality cast aluminum design and contains a 181mm flange providing for the mounting of the driver via six screw holes (the use of 4mm cap head screws is ideal). The overall dimensions of the driver are very amenable for use in the car audio environment, and in locations typical of the standard “6-inch” driver, or in custom locations at the discretion of the end-user, boasting a depth of 73.6mm (2.89-inch), an improvement in the depth of almost 0.18 inches over the similarly-equipped L6SE. The basket features large openings behind the cone to eliminate chuffing and other aerodynamic-based noises, as well as provides adequate communication to the back of the cone for acoustic suspension and proper operation.



The motor of the X6 is paramount to the performance of the driver, providing for a flat and wide BL curve (as a learning note, BL is the equivalent of torque in a car; a car with a flat and constant torque curve provides much better acceleration and performance than a car with a peaky, non-constant torque curve). The BL curve is flat and extended, yielding 18mm of the two-way linear excursion, resulting in the X6 being able to accurately track the input signal. Reduced distortion and greater dynamics are the immediate sonic benefits. The motor of the X6 includes an opposing double-stacked NdFeB magnet to improve restorative force, compliance, motor strength, displacement, and power handling. The magnet assemblies are fully surrounded by the voice coil.


Voice Coil

The voice coil diameter of the X6 is a large 35.55mm (1.4-inch), which is the proper balance between size and moving mass in super high-end mobile audio midranges/midbass. The voice coil diameter serves several key functions: elevated power handling, dissipation of heat (thereby lowering power compression), and maximizing the size of the magnet assembly for enhanced motor compliance. The voice coil is high-purity aluminum, which is superior to copper for heat dissipation, as well as significantly reduced moving mass. The result is an extremely light weight winding with good power handling and low inductance.



The progressive “double-S” surround is fine fabric which is highly consistent, and terminates mechanical vibrations well, having a low stiffness for positive damping of resonances. The spider material was chosen for optimal performance; the spider is a 90/10 cotton/Nomex blend with single-dip low viscosity phenolic. This material provides the stiffness desired without being overly brittle or stiff, where vibrations in the spider are well damped and do not translate into the former or the cone.



The Legatia X6 is a cone-type driver consisting of an optional proprietary hybrid paper or carbon fiber diaphragm with extremely low moving mass. Paper is widely acknowledged as the best-damping material, as it provides the near optimum balance of strength and weight. Carbon fiber is widely acknowledged as a more “forward” and “lively” sound. The end-user can select which cone topology best suites the desired end-result.


The cone designs offer a wide dispersion pattern to make for flexible installation and speaker location. The Legatia X6 has an outstanding extended frequency response; the usable frequency range of this driver exceeds seven complete octaves of usable bandwidth on-axis (~70 Hz – ~10,000 Hz, depending on cone and phase plug/dust cap topology). Even off-axis, the X6 faithfully recreates more than six full octaves of information, for the ultimate “small-format” midrange/full-range driver.


Phase Plug or Dust Cap and Shorting Cup

The X6 comes equipped with an end-user choice of phase plug pole piece extension at the center of the cone or dust cap.


The phase plug design topology features an aluminum pole piece and, by design, ensures enhancement of the total inductance profile, providing much of the inductance reduction benefits noted. The phase plug is plated with matte gold, which by design does not negatively reduce eddy current, and adds thermal dissipation potential, not to mention sleek, class-leading cosmetics. The phase plug extends well down inside the pole vent and acts as a very large and efficient heatsink for any heat that radiates into the pole. The highest frequencies of audio emanate from the area around the center of the cone and the lower frequencies are produced by the area of the cone that is farther from the center. The phase plug pole piece extension improves the X6’s performance and clarity by deflecting delicate midrange and treble tones forward of the driver while minimizing distortion and improving bandwidth.


The dust cap design topology features an option for a carbon fiber cone/carbon fiber dust cap combination or a hybrid paper cone / hybrid paper dust cap combination. Generally speaking, the dust cap adds moving mass to the diaphragm (particularly in the carbon cone and dust cap topology), oftentimes lowering the resonance frequency of a similarly-equipped phase plug driver. The dust cap midrange drivers behave more like “traditional” drivers, where extended bandwidth may be partially sacrificed in favor of a more traditional driver topology in certain installations.


The X6 uses a copper shorting cup. The shorting cup consists of an optimally sized and placed copper (Cu) cup to create a total inductance profile that is not just low but flat over stroke, frequency, and power. Inductance is the number one limiter of high-frequency extension and modulation of inductance with stroke, frequency and power, and is the primary source of intermodulation distortion (IMD).


Tinsel Leads

The tinsel leads for the X6 are terminated on one side of the voice coil. The tinsel leads are stitched into the spider and bonded directly to the former and brought out to the terminals, which completely eliminates tinsel lead slap and does not compromise the structural integrity of the cone.



The Legatia X6 comes equipped with heavy-duty nickel-plated spring-loaded push terminals for both positive and negative. The terminals optimize contact and give the end-user flexibility in tinned wire or binding post terminations.



The Legatia X6 is the ideal multi-purpose super high-end speaker driver. Mechanical and electrical parameters are amenable to a variety of different installations and speaker locations. This driver is intended to be used in an infinite baffle configuration; a simple, solid baffle, solidly attached to the car’s chassis with available airspace at the rear of the baffle is all that is required for optimum operation. The size of the X6 allows it to be mounted in typical “6-inch” midbass locations within a vehicle, or in custom locations at the discretion of the end-user, as long as there is adequate airspace behind the driver to allow it to maintain proper damping and acoustic suspension.


At home in virtually any arrangement, the X6 is Hybrid Audio Technologies Legatia X high-end large-format midrange/midbass offering, boasting exceptional performance and a design philosophy that goes hand in hand with true high-fidelity playback.