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Legatia midbass drivers provide the substance required to intensify the fundamental notes of the rhythm section, while fully capable to reproduce critical midrange frequencies.


The Legatia L5V2 ranks at the top among the finest 5-1/4" speaker drivers available on the market today. An evolution of the highly praised Clarus C5, the Legatia L5V2 continues the tradition of being "a class act by any standard."

The Hybrid Audio U51-2 system consists of a 5.25" 2 way component set, including grilles, designed for the discerning consumer interested in more than just an ‘OEM replacement speaker.’
Mirus V represents a radical departure from the norm for Hybrid Audio Technologies. As we set out to improve the already astonishingly-good Mirus range, special attention was paid to critical factors in the Mirus V price range: markedly improving sound pressure level and incorporating drop-dead gorgeous looks. Mirus V boasts carbon-fiber cones and titanium diaphragm 20mm tweeters that swivel, along with other features you’ve come to expect in a Hybrid Audio design: reverse-roll high-loss surrounds, powder-coated frames, and integrated low-tolerance polypropylene crossover capacitors for the tweeters.
Application to all 5.25" midbass (Clarus, Unity, Imagine, Mirus, and Legatia L5V2). Grilles only, does not include speaker. — Sold in pairs.