Speaker Products

Welcome to the world of Hybrid Audio Technologies, where state of the art high-end mobile audio loudspeaker technology is our passion. Hybrid Audio speakers are the best automotive speakers money can buy and continually push the limits of automotive sound-stage reproduction. Every Hybrid Audio product has been designed and built for true to the source clarity, definition, and realism.


Hybrid Audio speakers come in all popular sizes to fit your speaker upgrade needs.


Speaker Products by Size:

Tweeters2.7-inch3.7 to 3.9-inch4 to 4.65-inch5.25-inch6.5 to 7.1-inch5×7 to 6×9-inch oval8.85-inch midbass10-inch12-inch


Speaker Products by Type:

3-Way Component Sets2-Way Component Sets2-Way Convertible Sets2-Way Coaxial Sets
TweetersMidrange/Wide-Bandwidth DriversMidrange/Midbass DriversSubwoofers


Other Products by Type:

AmplifiersGrillesCrossovers & Accessories


Speaker Products by Series:

Mirus VImagine PowersportsUnity SpeakersUnity Shallow SubwoofersImagine SubwooferClarus SubwoofersLegatiaLegatia ProLegatia SELegatia XLegatia XV

Good: High-value OEM speaker upgrades
Mirus V

Better: High-performance speaker solutions
Unity Speakers
Unity Shallow Subwoofers

Best: No compromise, reference-level performance
Legatia Pro
Legatia SE
Legatia X
Legatia XV

Clarus Subwoofers

Powersports and Motorcycle
Imagine Powersports


Driver specifications are available by following this link.