Legatia X1 Ring Radiator Tweeter Pair



The Legatia X1 is a 58mm (2.3-inch) O.D. “low resonance” wide-bandwidth tweeter driver to complement both two-way and three-way system designs, where a super high-end tweeter driver is required.

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At the onset of the Legatia Pro-Series program, we wanted to be sure that the Pro-Series tweeter could be listened to for long listening sessions with no noticeable listener fatigue, and the X1 answered the call. The X1 is an advancement of the original Legatia L1 Pro R2 design.


Available in black anodized finished.


Driver specifications are available by following this link.


The Legatia X-series component speakers are electrodynamic drivers that are comprised of a diaphragm (cone, or in the case of the Legatia X1, a fine fabric diaphragm and ring) that is set in motion by a motor system that has both electrical and mechanical components.


The X-series midrange designs boast several key elements which enhance the driver’s performance between the Legatia SE-series speakers and the Legatia X-series speakers:


  • ❍ More authoritative upper-range frequency response-ability (wider bandwidth operation), especially off-axis: six full octaves of information;
  • ❍ Lower inductance;
  • ❍ Slightly higher resonance frequencies across all models for more transparent and tonally accurate low to middle midrange playback ability;
  • ❍ Higher thermal power handling by AES standard;
  • ❍ Higher thermal power handling with suggested crossover;
  • ❍ Lower moving mass for better transient response;
  • ❍ Typically higher compliance of motor system;
  • ❍ Shallower mounting depth than a comparable Legatia SE model;
  • ❍ Use of proprietary frames with embossed Hybrid Audio Technologies “cross” logos on the inverse side of the mounting flange, to ensure that the Legatia X speakers are the genuine article, and not a forgery or copy;
  • ❍ A decidedly bespoke approach to cone topology and dust cap/extended phase plug pole piece topology, where the end-user can decide between hybrid pressed paper diaphragms and carbon fiber diaphragms, as well as the use of dust caps or extended phase plug pole pieces in both the X3 midrange and the X6 midrange/midbass;
  • ❍ Use of a proprietary “double S” fine fabric surround to radically improve linear excursion, restorative force, and damping of edge mode distortion;
  • ❍ Significantly more open spider venting for improved thermal power handling and improved motor cooling;
  • ❍ Inclusion of voice coil former venting holes, again instrumental in venting for improved thermal power handling and improved motor cooling;
  • ❍ Inclusion of an enhanced single-dip phenolic spider for an enhanced linear excursion, more than double of that of the Legatia SE midrange and midbass;
  • ❍ Inclusion of nickel-plated, spring-loaded binding post terminals for enhanced connectivity, separated by a greater degree than the Legatia SE to ensure less accidental short-circuits, and loosening of the binding posts due to mechanical vehicle vibration;
  • ❍ Inclusion of high-energy opposing double-stacked neodymium cup and motor for increased motor performance and smaller diameter motor;
  • ❍ Inclusion of aluminum radiator for heat dissipation and increased thermal power handling;
  • ❍ Inclusion of gold-tinted copper-plated aluminum extended phase plug pole piece, and
  • ❍ Inclusion of laser-etched backplate cap with Hybrid Audio Technologies logo and Legatia X nomenclature.



The Legatia X1’s topology is an enhanced “ring radiator” version of the successful low-resonance Legatia L1 Pro R2. The purpose of the L1 R2 topology was to build upon the success and efficacy of the Legatia L1 Pro but to offer the driver in a radiator ring topology to further enhance on-axis and off-axis frequency response, increased bandwidth, and lower modal distortion. The Legatia X1 is the culmination of an inordinate amount of time and resources spent testing and refining this product to the exacting specifications of Hybrid Audio Technologies and our long heritage of quality speakers. We are certain that this product will provide class-leading performance — that simply cannot be beaten by competing brands — if installed properly.


Diaphragm, Power Handling, and Wave Guide

With respect to the diaphragm, the X1 has a slightly heavier moving mass than the L1 Pro (without negatively affecting transient response), which in turn has afforded more damping character. Nominal and thermal power handling has also been improved over the original L1 Pro R2 transducer; the X1 tweeter has very high-power handling with proper filtering, and the X1 diaphragm is much less susceptible to mechanical deformation than other designs, and yet yields a smooth response over the extent of its range. The diaphragm is protected by a large open-space perforated metal grille that can be removed if desired.


The X1 has several unique features that ensure performance is superior to all other designs in this category. The ring radiator geometry is notorious for delivering a flat, extended response, but many radiator designs have suffered historically from poor off-axis response. The main X1 criteria was to have a ring radiator that could work exceptionally well in a car environment, with an end-user’s choice of either on- or off-axis operation with good polar response. The geometry of the wave guide was paramount to achieving this result and was the subject of a concerted effort by Hybrid Audio Technologies engineers. The wave guide is proprietary to Hybrid Audio Technologies and prevents phase cancellation for uniform frequency response and uniform polar radiation. The addition of the wave guide is also an improvement over a conventional dome tweeter design simply for the fact that the diaphragm is terminated not only at its edges, but also at the center of the diaphragm as well. This feature improves the damping of modal distortion and resonance. In concert with the wave guide is a treated fine cloth diaphragm to ensure smooth frequency response.


Tuned Chamber and Motor

The tuned chamber of the X1 the key to the ability of the driver to faithfully reproduce low-octave tones with low distortion, should the end-user desire this type of topology. The X1 has a polypropylene tuned and damped chamber at the rear of the motor assembly; the chamber helps to reduce backwave distortion and significantly lower the tweeter’s resonance frequency to allow it to be used to play tones in the vocal spectrum. The tuned chamber is a proprietary design to Hybrid Audio; reduced distortion, low-octave authority, and greater dynamics are the immediate sonic benefits. The tuned chamber includes integrated push terminals, discussed later.


The motor assembly is conventional dynamic, with a high-grade Φ24.5 × 3.5 H NdFeB neodymium magnet structure to ensure a small footprint size and shallow depth. The result is the total profile of the motor as small as possible, enhancing acoustic performance, and aiding in mounting via small size and low weight. The X1 is one of the shallowest tuned chamber tweeters on the market and is even shallower than the L1 Pro R2 and L1 Pro.



The body and flange of the Legatia X1 is one-piece machined 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum (not poured or cast aluminum). The dense metal structure, lacking interstitial voids, helps reduce vibrations within the body of the tweeter to abate resonance and ensure effective reproduction of extremely low music tones. The X1 is a shared dimensional design with the Legatia Pro and the Legatia Pro SE and Pro R2 for easy upgrade potential. If you already own the L1 Pro or L1 Pro SE/R2, the X1 will drop right into place.


A machined aluminum Φ47.5mm knurled attachment nut at the base of the tweeter provides optimized clamping strength to the mounting media.


The mounting flange, only 3mm larger than the Legatia L1V2 tweeter, provides a solid-aluminum mounting surface for the tweeter without the necessity of mounting cups or external hardware. The overall dimensions of the driver are very amenable for use in the car audio environment, and in locations typical of the standard OEM tweeter mounting locations, as well as in custom locations, boasting a depth of just 23mm, 4.5mm shallower than the sibling L1 Pro R2 tweeter offering.


The X1 tweeter is available in two colors to ensure cosmetic integration with the vehicle’s surroundings: silver brushed aluminum and anodized black (there is no cost difference between the two colors) with gold-tinted copper phase plug and radiator ring.


Terminals Cap and Spring-Loaded Terminals

The X1 includes an extruded polypropylene tuned chamber with integrated high-end nickel-plated spring-loaded push terminals at the rear of the tweeter’s motor assembly. The spring-loaded terminals give the end-user flexibility in direct connection with large-gauge tinned wiring, without the need for crimp terminals.



The Legatia X1 is the ideal multi-purpose super high-end speaker driver. The size of the device and its incredible off-axis ability are amenable to a variety of different installations and speaker locations. The size of the X1 allows it to be mounted in typical OEM and custom locations within a vehicle. At home in virtually any arrangement, the X1 boasts exceptional performance and a design philosophy that goes hand in hand with true high-fidelity playback.