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The Legatia SE midrange/full-range drivers offer key enhancements to the Legatia range, they include: wider bandwidth, lower inductance, lower moving mass for transient response, high-energy opposing double-stacked neodymium cup and motor for increased motor performance and smaller diameter motor; and inclusion of an aluminum radiator for heat dissipation and increased thermal power handling.
The Legatia L4 is a 118mm (4.65-inch) wide-bandwidth midrange/full-range driver to complement both two-way and three-way system designs, where a point-source midrange and/or full-range driver is required.
Mirus V represents a radical departure from the norm for Hybrid Audio Technologies. As we set out to improve the already astonishingly-good Mirus range, special attention was paid to critical factors in the Mirus V price range: markedly improving sound pressure level and incorporating drop-dead gorgeous looks. Mirus V boasts carbon-fiber cones and titanium diaphragm 20mm tweeters that swivel, along with other features you’ve come to expect in a Hybrid Audio design: reverse-roll high-loss surrounds, powder-coated frames, and integrated low-tolerance polypropylene crossover capacitors for the tweeters.
The Legatia L4G grille has application for the Legatia L4, Legatia L4SE, as well as the Legatia L4SE Carbon.— Sold in pairs.