Advanced Installation Conclusions

Sadly, there are no rules in mobile audio, only several hypotheses, and theorems that seem to work for most vehicles. Your vehicle may be different and defy everything we know, and everything written in this manual. You may find that getting that rich, detailed sound that you crave may require some experimentation and a lot of work to make it right. Or you might be fortunate to have a vehicle that sounds excellent with minimal work. Have patience and work through the issues; the result will be a rewarding musical experience in your vehicle! Just remember, it is critical to get a reference, as detailed in Lesson 5. Go out and become a student of music and audio, learn, and improve your audio system one step at a time. The journey is exciting and rewarding!

What we have included above is only a very brief primer to the world of high-end mobile audio systems. We invite you to read more by perusing this site.

Thank you!