Lesson Four: Point-Sourcing

The term “point-sourcing” is often used to describe the technique of having a single pair of speakers in an installation cover the majority of the critical middle band frequencies. In many installation scenarios, the Hybrid Audio midbass could be considered a point-source speaker driver, because it has the ability to reproduce six octaves of tones. Point-sourcing, if done correctly, can lend itself to a variety of valuable attributes, including precise image definition and stable sound staging character. By applying Lessons 1-3 above, the Hybrid Audio midbass can be used as a point-source driver to achieve excellent staging and imaging results.

The lesson to be learned here is that the Hybrid Audio midbass, given its wide-bandwidth design, can faithfully reproduce as much as six octaves of tones, and would make a valuable addition to any sound system as a point-source driver for the spectrum comprising vocal imaging cues.

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