Trade-Up Offer

Thank you for your interest in Hybrid Audio Technologies Trade-Up offer. To streamline the process of getting you upgraded to new Hybrid Audio Technologies products, we have assembled this informational to assist you in the process.

As part of our offer to you, our loyal customer, we are granting you 60% of the original purchase value for your current Hybrid Audio Technologies products to trade-up to new Hybrid Audio Technologies products of equal or greater value. If you are an original owner, simply respond with your name, and the month and year of your purchase so we can research what you originally paid for your products. If you are not the original owner, it would be helpful if we knew what the original owner’s name was, and the approximate date the purchase was made. If you don’t know, that’s OK. In the case where you’re not the original owner, and you don’t know who the original owner was, we will grant you 60% of the Minimum Advertised Retail Price of the product as your trade-up value, as published on this site (if it’s a currently available product).

To proceed, we do have a few simple requests. First, even though we are guaranteeing you a full 60% trade-up value if the Hybrid Audio Technologies product is in acceptable working and physical condition with no more than ordinary wear and tear, we’d still appreciate it if you could complete the attached questionnaire. The questionnaire helps us to evaluate consumer habits and the longevity of our product after they’ve been installed and used. Likewise, we would appreciate four or more photos of the Hybrid Audio product that you’re trading up at a size of at least 1000 pixels wide (medium resolution). BE SURE that the Hybrid Audio Technologies product you are trading-up works properly, and shows no more than ordinary wear and tear. Be honest and objective as you evaluate your Hybrid Audio Technologies speakers. We absolutely, positively WILL NOT accept Hybrid Audio Technologies products that have been abused, altered, damaged, modified, or adapted in any way. Once the questionnaire is completed, and you’ve snapped four or more photos of the Hybrid Audio Technologies product, please e-mail it all to us at We will review your trade-up request, and within five working days we will respond to you with the trade-up value of your Hybrid Audio Technologies product. AFTER you have heard from us with your valuation, simply box up the speakers in their original packaging, and ship them pre-paid to:

Hybrid Audio Technologies
Attention: TRADE-UP Program
263 Hightower Parkway
Dawsonville, Georgia 30534

Please insure the package for at least the quoted value of the product. We will NOT be responsible for items delayed, lost, or damaged in shipping!

Once we receive your Hybrid Audio Technologies speakers for trade-up, we’ll verify that the speakers and associated hardware and accessories are in acceptable working and physical condition with no more than ordinary wear and tear. If they are not, you will be notified of the disparity and/or your product will be shipped back to you at your own expense. Assuming verification of the product is successful, we will process your trade-up, coordinate your payment, and get your new Hybrid Audio Technologies speakers on the way!

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