Unity U1 Tweeter Pair



This kit provides you with the 25mm Unity tweeters as well as the mounting kit.

The Mounting Kit includes 3 tweeter mounting bezels – Flush, Surface, 45 Degree Angle.

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25mm Silk-Dome Tweeter



Small diameter impregnated silk textile dome with high-loss rubber suspension. The U1 has an impregnated fine cloth silk dome diaphragm for a linear, smooth sound, with a high-loss rubber suspension to damp edge modes and resonances. The dome is of extremely low mass and is much less susceptible to mechanical deformation than other designs, and yet yields a smooth response over the extent of its range. At Hybrid Audio Technologies, we feel larger diaphragm tweeters sound heavy and unremarkable, lack detail in the upper treble frequencies, have an undesirable polar response, and are difficult to install. Additionally, we find metal dome tweeters to be harsh, brittle and sound unrealistic. As a small diameter, soft-dome tweeter, the U1 is the antithesis of the large diaphragm and metal-dome tweeters, for the effective and convincing reproduction of treble frequencies.


Voice Coil and Motor System:

25mm complimentary design. The motor assembly is “conventional dynamic”, with a compact neodymium magnet structure to ensure a small footprint size and shallow depth. A perforated grille protects the dome. The voice coil is ferrofluid cooled and damped, and the tweeter housing consists of extruded plastic with three different mounting options in component set mode, giving the end-user flexibility in not only placement of the U1 but also in the physical installation.


Driver specifications are available by following this link.