Legatia XV61-2 7.1″ 15th Anniversary 2-Way


The Hybrid Audio XV61-2 system consists of a 7.1″ 2-way component set, designed for the discerning consumer interested in a reference-standard speaker system.


This 2-way Component System includes a Legatia XV6 and XV1 tweeter with XV2X crossover.


It was March 2019. I had been invited to China by one of the most important men in the Chinese car audio world to discuss the proliferation of Hybrid Audio products in China and surrounding Asian countries. As we sat at lunch the first day in Hangzhou (why are the best ideas always formulated in coffee shops?) my Chinese host leaned across the table and asked me to build him the most special two-way component set as possible. No holds barred. Something super high-end. We discussed potential design criteria for a while, topologies, and the general aesthetic look and feel of the proposed product. The most important question came next: “what shall we call it?” My Chinese host gathered his thoughts for a moment and asked: “name something special by your company happening this year.” I paused and then blurted out “well, the initial idea to start Hybrid Audio was born in 2004, and with it being 2019, we are upon our 15th anniversary of the original idea, and 2020 will be the 15th anniversary of our first designed products.” “Perfect,” replied my host, “we will name it ‘Anniversary Series.’” Within a few minutes of batting ideas back-and-forth, we settled on the XV nomenclature to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the formation of Hybrid Audio Technologies, and to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the design of our first products and official company incorporation in 2005.


The XV incorporates our very best effort in sound quality reproduction, and we trust that they will make a fantastic improvement to any audio system.


-Scott Buwalda

Grilles are available for Legatia XV midrange/midbass drivers from the Legatia series.


Driver specifications are available by following this link.