Legatia L65-1V2-Unity 6.5″ 2-Way Components


The Hybrid Audio L65-2v2 Unity system consists of a 6.5″ 2-way component set, designed for the discerning consumer interested in a high-performance speaker system.

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This speaker set is the upgrade to the Clarus C61-2 component speaker set. Hybrid Audio Technologies enhanced the old design and is proud to give it the Legatia nameplate. It is still the 6.5″ midbass monster that it always was with a few improvements.


The widely-acclaimed Legatia Series is Hybrid Audio’s original product offered, starting in 2006, and competition-proven worldwide; the product that defined the company and its quality. Legatia is a truly high-end approach to in-car sound quality and acoustical performance. Irrespective of price, Legatia components are the finest car audio speakers available and are eclipsed only by Hybrid Audio’s Stage VI Special Edition and Pro Series. Legatia products are sold in a la carte speaker pairs or as component sets, allowing the end-user to design a custom “bespoke” system of Legatia products or a combination of Legatia and other Hybrid Audio Technologies product offerings. A multitude of possible two-, three-, and four-way systems can be assembled using Legatia products. Legatia is the yardstick by which other brands are measured and represent the industry’s best value in super high-end speakers.


Includes Legatia L65V2 6.5″ Midrange/Midbass speakers, Unity U1 tweeters and Unity crossovers.


Driver specifications are available by following this link.