Legatia L5V2 5.25-inch Midrange/Midbass


Legatia midbass drivers provide the substance required to intensify the fundamental notes of the rhythm section, while fully capable to reproduce critical midrange frequencies.


The Legatia L5V2 ranks at the top among the finest 5-1/4″ speaker drivers available on the market today. An evolution of the highly praised Clarus C5, the Legatia L5V2 continues the tradition of being “a class act by any standard.”

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Legatia midrange drivers are at the heart of the Legatia system, accurately reproducing the critical vocal range in its entirety.


Providing exceptionally wide bandwidth, the Legatia L5V2 is a 5.25-inch speaker driver, optimized for dash, door, and kick panel locations in 2-way or 3-way front stages.


Driver specifications are available by following this link.


Cast aluminum with a black powder-texture surface coating. The basket is a high-quality cast aluminum design, which plays a critical role in aligning the voice coil in the magnetic circuit. Additionally, the cast aluminum frame allows for better clamping strength verses typical stamped steel frames and ensures that the voice coil remains centered in the former. The black coating on the frame protects it from abrasion and oxidation.


Cone and Dust Cap
Pressed paper, untreated on the front side, and treated on the rearward side. It is widely acknowledged that pressed paper cones are the best marriage of lightness, stiffness, and ability of the cone to damp unwanted cone and edge modes and resonances (read: distortion). The damping afforded by the paper cone ensures the midbass speakers can play lower treble frequencies effortlessly, without significant cone “breakup.” Our approach to “point-source imaging” is to rely on the midbass driver to effectively reproduce the lower treble frequencies, where the human vocal range extends, as well as other imaging-critical musical instruments, ensuring phase-coherent imaging and stable, lifelike staging character.


The paper cone, known for its excellent sonic attributes, is water-resistant, thanks to a polymer developed exclusive and proprietarily by Hybrid Audio Technologies. The treatment does not change the look and parameters of the driver like old-fashioned “glossy” polymers which added an appreciable amount of moving mass and significantly colored the sound. No, the Legatia L5V2’s cone looks like any “normal” paper cone. The treatment protects the cone from periodic drips (such as inside a door panel), as well as accidental splashes to the front of the cone.


The dust cap covers the voice coil to keep dirt and debris from fouling the voice coil gap. Since high-frequency information emanates from the center of the cone, a paper dust cap was utilized in concert with the pressed paper cone diaphragm to ensure that the speaker’s response remained linear into the lower- to mid-treble frequencies.


Inverted high-loss rubber surround. The inverted high-loss rubber surround (in concert with the spider, detailed below), helps to provide the compliance and “restorative force” needed for the Legatia L5V2 to play effectively into the lower midbass, and even upper sub-bass frequencies (depending on in-car cabin gain and other factors). You’ll also know a Hybrid Audio midrange and midbass design by its inverted surround; this design feature allows for the use of a smaller height grille, better clearance with OEM panels, and more flexibility in mounting options.


Phenolic fabric and tinned tinsel leads. The spider is the brownish/yellow corrugated (rippled) fabric that attaches the cone and voice coil. The spider for the Legatia L5V2 was the subject of a considerable amount of our research and development. The spider is a phenolic symmetrically-rolled fabric which provides excellent restorative force during excursion, and the woven tinsel leads, often not found in speakers in this price range, are an asset because the leads are protected from physical damage and accidental short circuit. The tinsel leads are connected to real epoxy PCB, not flimsy cardboard.


Voice Coil and Motor
1” (25mm) complementary design. The voice coil used in the Legatia L5V2 midbass is a 2-layer aluminized copper wire coils on a round former. An “overhung” voice coil was selected to improve sensitivity while still keeping distortion to a minimum. The motor system utilizes a ferrite magnet with rubber protective boot (which can be removed to improve mounting depth), complimented by design with a backplate and rear venting chamber to improve the speaker’s thermal power handling and improved ability of the midbass to play at high amplitudes.



The Legatia L5V2 is the ideal multi-purpose super high-end speaker driver. Mechanical and electrical parameters are amenable to a variety of different installations and speaker locations. This driver is intended to be used in an infinite baffle configuration; a simple, solid baffle, solidly attached to the car’s chassis with available airspace at the rear of the baffle is all that is required for optimum operation. The size of the L5V2 allows it to be mounted in typical “5.25-inch” midrange locations within a vehicle, or in custom locations at the discretion of the end-user, as long as there is adequate airspace behind the driver to allow it to maintain proper damping and acoustic suspension.