Built upon the widely-acclaimed Legatia Series, the Legatia Special Edition Series is a collection of seriously-enhanced drivers for the pinnacle of sound reproduction, and the yardstick by which other brands are compared.
Legatia SE products are sold in a la carte speaker pairs or as component sets, allowing the end-user to design a custom system of Legatia SE products, or a combination of Legatia SE products and other Hybrid Audio Technologies product offerings.
The SE series midranges and midbass utilize the same exact mounting topology as the Legatia products for immediate ‘drop-in’ upgrade potential.
The Legatia SE systems are the benchmark speakers systems from Hybrid Audio Technologies. Legatia SE is the enduring brand of choice for critical audiophiles, world championship car audio competitors, or for those that require the very best in audio loudspeakers.
Grilles are available for Legatia SE midrange / midbass drivers from the Legatia series.
The Special Edition midrange and midbass designs boast several key elements which enhance the driver’s performance between the Legatia-series speakers and the Legatia SE-series speakers:

• Wider bandwidth operation;
• Notably lower inductance;
• Higher thermal power handling by AES standard
• Higher thermal power handling with suggested crossover;
• Typically lower moving mass for better transient response;
• Typically higher compliance of motor system;
• Use of woven dual tinsel lead spider for mechanical balance, improved radial compliance, and to eliminate tinsel lead slap;
• Inclusion of nickel-plated, spring-loaded binding post terminals for enhanced connectivity;
• Inclusion of high-energy opposing double-stacked neodymium cup and motor for increased motor performance and smaller diameter motor;
• Inclusion of aluminum radiator for heat dissipation and increased thermal power handling;
• Inclusion of rose-tinted copper-plated aluminum extended phase plug pole piece; and
• Inclusion of laser-etched backplate cap with Hybrid Audio Technologies logo and Special Edition nomenclature.

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