About Team Hybrids

Team Hybrids Overview

Team Hybrids has established itself as the premier auto sound competition team today, with branches of our team in countries all over the world. We sweep trophies at World Championships using Hybrid Audio product; it’s what we do!

Team Hybrids members are not only car owners, they are enthusiasts and active in the aftermarket auto sound community. Team Hybrids members take pride in being a step above others while utilizing their extensive contacts to help others, responsibly market the Team Hybrids program, and advance the business of Hybrid Audio Technologies.

Team Hybrids is in a search for the most diverse and proud car owners in the world. Whether you are into the show car, auto sound competition, or project car scene, we want to consider you for our Team. The only requirement is that you love music and the faithful playback of good music through our speaker systems. The goal of Team Hybrids is to foster a spirit of camaraderie, respect, and cooperation amongst all of its members while representing the Team at car audio competitions, car shows, and specialty events around the world. Whether a member is competing in London, Seattle, San Fernando, or Toronto, the entire Hybrid Audio team is there to help each and every member to ensure that their system is performing to its fullest potential.

So how does one become a member of Team Hybrids? First and foremost you must understand the three basic principles of Team Hybrids:

Exceptional Sportsmanship

Our Teammates will endeavor to maintain an air of respect for their team, judges and fellow competitors. In any contest, someone wins and someone loses. If someone is a member of Team Hybrids they are expected to conduct themselves as good sportsmen in any situation.


When a member of Team Hybrids wins at a show, he has earned it and should celebrate proudly, not gloat and “rub it in” to his fellow competitors. And when another competitor is the one who comes out on top, they have earned it and deserve congratulations for their hard work. We will be graceful in victory as well as defeat.


At an event where several Team Hybrids members are present, competing or not, everyone is there to support each other, regardless of what needs to be done. From tuning help and advice to cleaning wheels and polishing fiberglass, we are all there to help each other and no one should hesitate for a moment to jump in and help.

Membership Levels

There are three types of Team Hybrids member: “Pre-Candidate”, “Candidate”, and “Senior” Member. Everyone starts as a Pre-Candidate, and will remain a Pre-Candidate for his/her first three competitions. The Pre-Candidate member will endeavor to get his or her ”feet wet” in organized competition by building and tuning a competition vehicle to the best of their ability, and competing it three times at sanctioned events (such as IASCA, USACi, EMMA, etc.). Pre-Candidacy is necessary for ensuring that only those candidates with the willingness, desire, and ability become a future part of our Team. We have entertained far too many entering Pre-candidates only to find later that they don’t have the means, ability, or desire to campaign a national-, league-, or world championship vehicle. Therefore, Pre-Candidacy is a necessary step.

If upon satisfactory completion of the Pre-Candidacy, the competitor can make application for acceptance into the Team Hybrids program. If accepted, the competitor member will be welcomed into full Candidacy and will reap the multitude of benefits of being a Team Hybrids member. The competitor will remain a Candidate for his or her first season of competing, or until he/she competes at the year-end Finals of his/her choosing. For the first competition season, the Candidate member’s ideas, needs and progress will be evaluated to determine if Team Hybrids is a good permanent fit for them. Regular communication must be maintained to keep Team leaders up to date on the progress of your project car and any help needed to reach your goal of a high-end in-car entertainment system that you can be proud of.

Candidate Members have access to all of the technical help available from Team Hybrids members and staff. With talented people in various countries around the globe, your question can be directed to any number of experts for answers and suggestions. Do you need help researching what equipment will suit your car best? Want to know how to design a winning system? Need tips and tricks on installation techniques, or assistance with the science of in-car acoustics? Need help tuning your car? All of these things and much, much more are available to Candidates.

Senior Members are those on the Team with more than one year tenure and have access to a wide variety of both tangible and intangible benefits, including the possibility of special group buys and accommodation pricing on Hybrid Audio Technologies products, as well as potential partial, or full sponsorships from some of Hybrid Audio’s partner companies.

Both Candidate and Senior Members’ cars will feature Hybrid Audio Technologies speaker systems in competition, at trade shows and other special events to give a real-world demonstration of what these products can do. Team Hybrids is the external branch of Hybrid Audio Technologies, and Team members will govern themselves accordingly.

Team Application

How do you apply to become a member of Team Hybrids? Simply click or tap on this link, fill it out completely and submit it to us for review, if you have any questions you can contact the following representative:

Team Hybrids North America and Worldwide
Ben Zimmerman

If you have questions regarding completion of the form, or cannot use the above method for any other reason, please Contact Us and we will do our best to facilitate your application.

This is an exciting opportunity – one we want to expand to every major market sector in the world. A chance to be part of a team with international vision, world championship experience, and superior products – a winning combination brought to you by Hybrid Audio Technologies and the members of Team Hybrids.